Rego Vim

Spell as Bolt, Talisman as Crossbow

ReVi 10
R: Personal, D: Diameter, T: Individual
A spell of level 30 or less that is cast by the magus immediately after he or she casts Spell as Bolt Talisman as Crossbow is held in the the magus's talisman rather than discharged immediately. The held spell is cast upon the first item/object/creature that the talisman touches (not including the magus if the magus is holding his or her talisman at the time Spell as Bolt, Talisman as Crossbow is cast). If the held spell is not discharged prior to the expiration of Spell as Bolt, Talisman as Crossbow the held spell is discharged upon he casting magus (Parma applies as normal). Spells of range voice will not work with this spell unless the caster vocalizes as he or she touches the object which the spell will be discharged on, likewise spells of range sight cannot be effectively discharged unless the caster sees the target and so forth
(Base 5 +1 duration diameter)
Contributer: Tyrrell
Notes: From the message board level 10-15 spells project (and thus written as a level 10 spell rather than a general spell).

Transfer the Essence of Vis

ReVi 20
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
This spell moves vis that is within range of this spell, siphoning it out of whatever container it was in, and transfers it to an object that you hold in your hand. Objects can hold an amount of vis as indicated in the Material and Size Chart on p. 97 of ArM5. This spell will only transfer the amount of vis up till filling the object, the remainder stays where it was at.
(B:10 :, R: Voice +2, D: Momentary, T: Individual)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner

Suppression of the Wizard’s Fortification

ReVi 40
R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual
This effect suppresses the effects of any spell (up to level 25) upon a target for the duration of the spell.
In yet another Wizard’s War, against Auster of Jerbiton, Discordia used this spell to weaken some of the enchantments he had used to augment his mundane guards. After this her own agents were able to slay them, leaving Auster alone to face the Maga and her assassins.
(B: 25, R: Voice +2, D: Diameter +1, T: Individual)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Regio's Gate

ReVi 40
R: Sight, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual
Occasionally a Regio exist for which there is no path despite one being able to see it with Intellego Vim magic. One can open a gate to a Regio and travel to it if one can see it with this spell. The gate can be held open for others to use as long as the caster concentrates.
(B: 20, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual)
Contributor: Andrew Mitchell
Notes: Base level rational, InVi base detect Regio Boundaries is two magnitudes higher then detecting Vis; similarly ReVi can move Vis at a base 10 so effecting a Regio would be a two magnitudes higher effect.

Coerce the Spirit of Magic

ReVi 30
R: Voice, D: Moon +2, T: Individual
Like "Coerce the Spirit of the Flame", this more potent theurgic spell gives you control over any disembodied spirit from the magic realm, if you can coerce it into submission. The more lurid and dramatic the threats, the more cooperative the spirit is. If the spell penetrates the spirit’s Magic Resistance, make a stress roll of Com + Leadership to see how effective the maga’s threats are. The storyguide should always give a bonus or penalty depending on the potency of the threats, but note that any roll other than a botch compels at least minimal obedience, while increasing rolls indicate a more cooperative spirit.
In theory, you could very well have Faerie or Infernal version of this spell. However, Merinita maguses frown over lording it to the faeries, and spells allowing you to control demons are, to say the least, suspicious. As per a Divine version of it, if someone has dared to invent it yet, he hasn't talked about it.
(B: 05, R: Voice +2, D: Moon +3, T: Individual)

Summoning the Spirit of Magic

ReVi 40
R: Arc, D: Diam +1, T: Individual
The Vim version of form-specific summoning spells, this calls a magical spirit if the magus has an Arcane Connection or knows its full name, and overcomes the spirit’s Magic Resistance. (The name can be a non-magical name; it need not be a magical true name or name of power). A fire, pond of water, earth or wind serves as an Arcane Connection to any elemental spirit that resides in the area.
Over realm-specific summoning spells face the same problems as control spells above. Arnaud of Jerbiton once tried to summon an archangel through a Divine summoning spell. The end results weren't pretty, and he was destroyed among his lab.
(B: 15, R: Arc +4, D: Diam +1, T: Individual)

Enduring Life of Magic

ReVi 35
R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Individual
Sustain a spell of the caster's of up to level 25, extending it to moon duration. The PeVi spell Untimely Death of Hermetic Vim can be used to dispel this.
(B: 15, R: Touch +1, D: Moon +3, T: Individual)
Contributor: Toly Fynch

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