Rego Terram

Practiced defense of the Outcast Child.

ReTe 3
R: Touch, D: Momentary T: Individual
The caster is warded against a particular mass of dirt, mud, or clay for a moment. This spell could be quick cast to prevent a thrown volume of mud from hitting the magus.
Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Poorly Calibrated Hourglass.

ReTe 3
R: Touch, D: Concentration T: Individual
The caster controls the movement of mud, sand, or dirt in a natural way. This could be used to slow or speed up an hourglass or ensure that an amount of soil poured onto the ground assumes a specific configuration (providing that the configuration is not unnaturally precise).
Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Charm of Opening

Notes: Originally published in Hermes' Portal #14. Submitted by original author. Deleted due to similarity to Key of Theodorus (ReTe 10) from City and Guild p.78.

False Tracks of the Escaping Magus

ReTe 10
R: Sight, D: Concentration, T: Invidivual
After casting this spell the Maga walks slowly backwards. From the point that the spell was cast her footsteps will appear, traveling in any direction (within range) the Maga chooses. Her tracks are essentially displaced to a location of her choosing within range.
Aware that she was being followed, Ellena of Merinita decided to turn the tables on her tracker. She used this spell to leave tracks leading into the cave of a particularly vicious bear, whilst she hid some distance away. Sure enough her enemy arrived and dutifully followed the tracks into the cave, leaving Ellena plenty of opportunity to make her escape while he was preoccupied by the angry bear.
(Base 2, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Object is Stubborn

ReTe 10
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual
The object touched becomes almost immovable, and if moved will seek to return to the spot where it was initially placed. The object can be placed to float in mid air. The spell ends prematurely if the object is moved more than a pace from the position it is placed. The object can be slowing shifted by an exceptionally strong person or many people (combined strength of greater that +5), or a stronger magical force (higher than Base 3) can move the object very slowly. The force of resistance is equivalent to one horse power. Casting requisites are required.
(Base 3 for unnatural movement, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)
Contributor: Andrew Breese

Repel the Steely Blades

ReTe 10
R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Group
All attacks you are aware of made by steel bladed weapons are automatically repelled. Blunt steel weapons such as a mace and non-steel blades such as a bronze axe do not qualify, but mythic & faerie iron (adamantine, mithrial, etc) does count. Another limitation is that attacks the caster is unaware of are not repelled.
(B: 2, R: Personal, D: Concentration +1, T: Group +2, Metal +2, Limitation -1)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner

The Never Ending Road

ReTe 15
R: Road, D: Momentary, T: Part
This spell targets a point on the road which the caster is in contact with and allows the construction of a continuing piece of roadway, a change, a segway, or an alteration of the road up to the limit of the target size. A finesse check is needed when cast to determine the quality of the spell’s work, 6 or higher for dirt, and 9 or higher for stone as building roadways is not complex work. Special structures such as archways or bridges may require 12 or higher, subject to the complexity of the task.

The spell effect draws construction materials available in the target area of the altered section of road, or within a pace of the nearest edge of the road. The spell may also be used for improvement and maintenance on an existing part of a roadway, such as removing obstacles, fixing degradation, or upgrading a section.

Roads made from dirt, clay, or sand can alter up to 100 cubic paces of material, and stone 10 cubic paces. The spell’s designer placed any extra materials to be used in the construction by using other spells, or mundane means.
(Base 3, +2 Road, + 1 Part, +1 size)
Contributor: Ironbound Tome

Obstinacy of Homesick Soil

ReTe 15
R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual
Target item of earth, stone, or metal is pulled to the ground as if a strong man was pushing it down with all of his might.
(Base 2 + 2 metal, +2 voice, + 1 diameter)
Contributer: Tyrrell
Notes: From the message board level 10-15 spells project.

Ward against the Dirt of the Day’s Travel

ReTe 15
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
This spell ensures that dirt, sand and similar materials are unable to settle on or strike the caster or their clothes.
Terrene explains that this spell was invented when she was travelling in the Levant, as she had heard of sandstorms which posed a danger to travellers in some regions of the Tribunal. However, she was pleased to discover that the spell also had the pleasant effect of keeping her body and clothes free from dust and dirt as she travelled. She notes that casting this spell with an Aquam requisite also wards away mud as well.
(B: 5, R: Personal, D: Sun +2, T: Individual)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Wizard's Infallible Parry

ReTe 15
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
You can automatically deflect one attack per round from a stone or metal weapon; this includes defending against the infamous "having a rock dropped on your head" spell. Because of the spell's range, you can block attacks coming against your allies instead of yourself. If you are pressed into melee, you will need to make Concentration rolls to maintain the spell, as usual (see ArM5, p. 82).
(Base 2, R: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, affect metal +2)
Contributor: Andrew Gronosky

The Stone Palanquin

ReTe 15
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
Enchants a stone, large enough to bear the caster, to carry him along at his mental direction. The stone moves with a speed, direction, and height above the ground that he decides (maximum speed as of a galloping horse, maximum height of 10 paces above the ground). The stone can only maneuver across terrain that can support it, and so cannot cross water or crevasses without sinking unless they are no more than 10 paces deep. If the caster directs the stone to maneuver rapidly, he may be forced to make a Dexterity + Agility roll or fall from the stone.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Ind, +1 for enhanced effect)
Contributer: Hargifex
(Ethara): +1 magnitude for Stone is required makig it a level 20 spell.
See under spell discussion for for problems with this spell.

Blade of the Phantom Swordsman

ReTe 20
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
A sword or other metal weapon flies into the air and whirls and dances, attacking opponents at your command. The weapon always hits if it penetrates the target's Magic Resistance - no Aiming roll is necessary. Since the weapon does not need to make an attack roll, it can't use the normal rules for weapon damage. Instead, it does a stress die + weapon damage modifier + 3. If an opponent attempts to grab or attack the weapon by non-magical means, use the special combat maneuver rules (p. 175) as if the caster were wielding the weapon by hand, but use the caster's Finesse score instead of his Weapon Ability to determine the animated weapon's Defense score.
Note that the caster must maintain concentration each round while the spell is in effect. The difficulty varies from 6 when using the weapon to fight a single opponent, to 12 or more when trying to maneuver it through a wild melee.
An Herbam casting requisite is required if the weapon has a wooden haft.
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +2 affect metal)
Contributor: Andrew Gronosky. Originally published in Hermes' Portal #14.

Swords to Plowshares

ReTe 20
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Group
Drives metal weapons deep into the ground Str 9+ to resist or to pull them out. Only weapons that are wielded are affected.
(Base 2, +2 metal, R: Voice +2, D: Momentary +0, T: Group +2)
Contributor: Andrew Mitchell

Banish the Fatal Blade.

ReTe 25
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
This spell prevents further metal or metal weapons from touching the magus. Items on the magus, or in hand when the spell is cast, are unaffected.
Weapons which are mostly metal are prevented from harming the magus. Weapons that are mostly wood, such as clubs or quarterstaffs, are unaffected.
When Leonis Bjornaer casts this spell he gains cat's irises for the duration.
(Base 5 {+0 range, +2 Sun, +0 target,+0 size, +2 Metal})
Contributer: Leonis Bjornaer.
{Notes: In our saga, a pilum or polearm is deflected by this spell, a boar spear or broadhead arrow is not.}
(Yair): I think a +1 magnitude at least is required for the subtlety of not affecting currently worn/held items. Either that or Finesse, I'm not sure which.

Enchantment of the Walking Statue

ReTe 20 (Muto)
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
Animate a stone statue to move as you direct. A statue is very clumsy but also very strong. Its combat statistics are Initiative -2, Attack +5, and Damage +6. It is immune to most weapons but heavy, blunt weapons may be able to damage it at the storyguide's option (its suggested Defense is +1 and its Soak, +12).
Besides fighting, the statue can be a useful servant. Some magi use animated statues to conduct hazardous procedures in the laboratory. When the spell ends, the statue freezes into its new position, not its original pose.
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration, +1 affect stone, +1 precise control, +1 Requisite)
Contributor: Andrew Gronosky. Originally published in Hermes' Portal #14.
Notes: All the statistics are arbitrary. We really need rules for how to move an animated object under the caster's direct control.

Domus of Conjured Stone

ReTe 25 (req: Mu) {Ritual}
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Group
The caster touches the ground and manipulates the earth and stone to create a room ten paces by ten paces by three paces high either above or below ground. A single entrance can be fashioned as part of the casting. With a finesse roll of 7+, an additional feature, like a bookcase running along the wall or a primitive table or chair. For each additional feature, require another roll at two higher difficulty. Once a roll is failed, no further features can be added.
The momentary nature of the spell and the Muto requisite cause the room to remain as a permanent structure of fused stone after the casting. Individual large stones brought up in the creation of the spell are visible but do not affect structural integrity. If any modifications are made to the room, the floor and ceiling are one-quarter of a pace thick and the walls are three-eighths of pace thick. Otherwise, the walls are two-fifths of a pace thick. The total affected stone is 100 cubic paces. The stone requirement is necessary to affect a mixed medium of sand and stone. If cast in very swampy ground, it is possible that the room will sink.
When Leonis Bjornaer casts this spell, there is a distant scream of a hunting leopard, as Leonis' sigil is always feline related.
(Base 3 {+1 touch, +0 momentary, +2 group, +1 size, +1 stone, +1 Muto Requisite})
Contributer: Leonis Bjornaer.
Notes: In our saga, this spell counts as a similiar spell for learning the Conjured Tower.
(Yair): I don't understand what the Muto requisite is doing there. Muto is never Momentary anyways, does it assist in the flow of the stones during construction?

Wizard’s Ward against Weapons

ReTe 25
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
This spell is scoffed at by some, but has proven to be quite useful. All attacks made by metal or wooden weapons are automatically repelled, no matter if the caster is aware of them or not. The caster may not be wearing or carrying anything made of metal, or it too flies away from him.
(B: 5, R: Personal, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, Metal +2)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner
Notes:(The Fixer): Disagreed on the requisite. The spell would work perfectly well against Metal weapons, as do Terram wards with the same parameters. Herbam enhances it to make it work against wooden weapons too. Thus, a +1 magnitude for herbam weapons should probably be required. Ars p 114: The spell would still do something without the requisite, but significantly less, thus it adds a magnitude
Notes: Markoko: I ditched the wooden weapon and requisite part
Notes: (Ethara): maybe change the descriptoo of the spell as it says "ll attacks made by metal or wooden weapons are automatically repelled"

Hands of the Unseen Giant

ReTe 30
R: Voice, D: Conc, T: Group
This spell moves non-living objects at a height and speed determined by the total weight of targets (note maximum height cannot exceed 10 paces and the maximum speed is no faster than a galloping horse, ~50 paces per round). The heavier the total mass of the targets, the lower the height and slower all targets move - at maximum load height is 1 pace above the ground and speed is only 1 pace per round. The spell opposes intentional resistance as a Strength +9 individual, for a single target, with it's Strength modifier reduced by 1 for each doubling of the number of targets (+8 vs 2 targets, +7 vs 4 targets, etc). Note that the spell must penetrate any magic resistance to affect a held or worn item. This spell may be used offensively to drop objects on a victim but requires a successful Aiming roll, and damage is dependent on height and weight of the object dropped (maximum +20). Controlling the motions of the affected targets is considered part of the spell for purposes of concentration. Casting Requisites of an appropriate Form for the target are required.
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Conc, +2 Group, +1 size, +1 enhanced effect)
Contributer: Hargifex

Trebuchet of the Unruly Earth

ReTe 30
R: Sight, D: Mom, T: Part
This spell flings a large piece of stone up to 100 cubic paces (that's 5 x 5 x 4 paces, or a bit larger than my bedroom) at a target within sight range. The target suffers +30 impact damage, which is opposed by Soak + Stress die (see ArM5 p. 181).
The trebuchet is very inaccurate at long distances. To hit a human, the caster must make a Perception + Finesse +12 sress roll, with a -3 penalty per 30 paces range increment, opposed by a defense of a Quickness + Athletics roll. The storyguide may alleivate the difficulty to hit larger targets.
(Base 3, +1 stone, R: Sight +3, T: Part +1, +2 size)
Contributer: Eldragil, transcribed by Yair
Notes: Modified by Yair. A version that is repelled by magic resistance but does not require an aiming roll is also perfectly viable.
(Hargifex): According to the discussion of Parma Magica in the main book, magically propelled objects do not retain any momentum so when they cross a mage's Parma they have no force to cause damage. My understanding is that the spell as described will be resisted by Parma.
(Yair): That's a fine way of looking at things, but in that case the spell would not require aiming. I chose aiming nonetheless as the spell feels more right with it. In this version, the spell is more akin to giving a strong "push" much like a real trebuchet, which though slightly inconsistent with the above reasoning should still be possible.

Duncan: As a note, see pg. 35 and 38 of Societates on the use of Rego and projectiles. This spell is not in compliance with those rules, but the "anything thrown by magic is magic and therefore must penetrate" rules are no longer operative.
Aella: I recommend ignoring the errata as it conflates issues with understanding Magic resistance. There is no such thing as momentum in Mythic Europe.

Wizard’s Ward versus Steel Weapons

ReTe 25
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual
This spell grants a +15 Soak against metal weapons. Attacks that inflict less damage than that are deflected away.
(B: 4, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, additional +10 protection +2)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner
Notes: This utilizes Xavi’s Ward breakthrough.

Notes: As this uses the base 2 (+2 for metal), this should work only against attacks you're aware of.

Circle of Warriors.

ReTe 30
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Group
Up to one half dozen swords animate themselves and take positions surrounding the caster. While the caster concentrates these swords will defend and attack as if they were wielded by a trained group of soldiers each with all attributes of 0 and weapon skills equal to the higher of the caster’s finesse -4 or the caster’s single weapon score -1. If a sword is taken more than three paces from the caster, the enchantment on that particular sword is broken.
(Base 2, +2 metal, +1 range, +2 duration, +2 target, +1 complex effect)
Contributor: Tyrrell.

Absent Squire.

ReTe 30
R: Arcane Connection, D: Momentary, T: Group
A collection of equipment and clothing /armor is teleported on to the caster with buckles fastened/weapons drawn or not depending upon the desire of the caster. The caster must have an arcane connection to the equipment in order to cast this spell. If the desired equipment has animal or herbam components the spell must be cast using the appropriate requisite(s)
(Base 3 -move in a very unnatural fashion, certainly this could be argued higher, +2 metal, + 4 range, +2 target)
Contributor: Tyrrell.

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