Rego Ignem

Watchman's Fire

ReIg (req: Co) 10
R: Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle
The fires within the ring targeted with this spell will burn at a slow and constant rate regardless of the availability of fuel or the strength of the wind. This allows a fire to burn throughout the night untended, and also insures that a fire is perfect for certain kinds of cooking and laboratory work. If the fire is loaded with a great deal of highly flammable material, large bursts of flame can be generated by breaking the ring of the spell.
(base 3 +1 touch, +2 ring)
Contributer: Tyrrell
Notes: From the message board level 10-15 spells project.

Wizard’s Winter Warmth

ReIg (req: Co) 15
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
By casting this spell the caster’s bodily warmth is maintained even on the coldest winter’s day. The caster will feel the chill, but they will not suffer any ill effects from it.
Oliverus of Tremere had such a personal dislike of the cold that he developed this spell to avoid ever feeling it again. His spell did not succeed in making him insensible to the cold, but despite his complaints, the spell proved a useful way to avoid exposure.
(Base: 4, R: Personal, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, Requisite +1)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Adjuration of Solomon

R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
Functions similar to the spell Coerce the Spirit’s of Night, except this affects the Jinni. The effect must penetrate of course, and you roll Presence + Leadership to determine how authoritative you seem to the genie.
(B: 5, R: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner
Notes: I am merely taking ReMe guidelines for ghosts and extrapolating them over to Ignem for spells that affect genies.

The Pursuing Flame

ReIg 25
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Individual
Fashions a large campfire into a humanoid shape, which then moves as directed. The figure will ignite any flammable objects it passes, and deliver +10 damage to anyone it connects with. The figure can be made to move quite swiftly, so Quickness – Enc rolls of 6+ are required to avoid contact with the figure. At the end of the spell, the figure simply slumps to the ground, becoming ordinary flame.
Marcelius describes, with dark humour, the fun to be had with apprentices that attend House meetings.
(B: 10, R: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Ward against Cold and Frost

ReIg 25
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual
This protects the target from cold and being chilled, granting them a +15 soak against cold based damage and a +9 bonus to any natural resistance rolls. The spell seals the targets body heat in and simply does not allow the cold to penetrate very deep.
(B:4 :, R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, added protection +2)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner

Voice of Solomon

ReIg 45
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Group
Caster can command Jinni as long as he concentrates. The caster's voice becomes supernaturally deep and resonates with power as if he were channeling the great wizard-king Solomon.
(Base: 20, R: Voice +2, D: Concentration +1, T: Group +2)
Contributor: Andrew Mitchell
Notes: Base is taken from Rego Mentem for controlling a person's mind.

Immunity to Heat and Flames

ReIg 50
R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Individual
This gives the target a +50 protection against heat and flames, enough to withstand full immersion in molten iron or lava.
(B:4 :, R: Personal, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual, added protection +9)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner
Notes: A Level 60 Ritual version allows for a Range of Touch and a Duration of Sun

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