Muto Corpus

Glance of the Cat

MuCo(An) Level 3
R: Personal D: Diameter T: Individual

As eyes of the cat adjusted to range personal and duration diameter.
Obviously a duration concentration version would be superior is some circumstances, and “perked ear of the fox” or “sniff of the hound would be no more difficult”

Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Eyeblink of the Cat

MuCo(An) Level 3
R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual

As eyes of the cat adjusted to duration momentary.

Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Breath of Another’s Body

MuCo Level 3
R: Personal D: Momentary T: Individual

The caster assumes a completely different appearance for the duration of a normal breath. Casting requisites apply to adjust the fit of clothing. The caster can not change their size enough to switch to a different size catagory.

Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

100 Steps as a Changed Man

MuCo Level 3
R: Personal D: Concentration T: Individual

The caster assumes subtly different appearance for the duration of the spell. For most magi the gift prevents them from escaping attention by the use of this spell alone.

Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Breath of Life-Giving Water

MuCo(An) Level 4
R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual

The caster acquires the ability to breathe water.
Annikki of Tytalus invented this spell to facilitate her in her hobby of lying on the bottom of cold (indeed, frigid, and ideally frozen) bodies of water.
(Base: 2, +2 Sun)

Contributor: Bryan Register
Note (Question): I personally think this is a better way to breathe water than the Lungs of the Fish spell, because I don't like the idea of having the air in my lungs turn back into water when the spell expires. But does the ability to breathe water count as a minor ability? Shouldn't there be an aquam requisite instead of an animal requisite? If you're truly taking on the lungs of a fish, you might have to use a base of 20 and a Part target, which you don't want. Although the "Eyes of the Cat" spell doesn't require that for some reason. -Max

Scent of the Spring Flower

MuCo(He) Level 15
R: Sight D: Sun T: Individual

The target of this spell is given the scent of a typical flowering plant native to the area.
This could make the target particularly attractive to bees.
In other environments this spell may add a bonus to Social Engagements or to being tracked.
(Base: 2, +3 Sight, +2 Sun)

Contributer: Ravenscroft
Notes: With an Animal requisite the target may be given the scent of a particular natural creature. A variation of the original spell would give the target the scent of clover, making the target attractive to various ruminants, who may try to nibble on you.
From the message board level 10-15 spells project

Vengeance upon the Vain

MuCo Level 15
R: Touch D: Moon T: Individual

This spell transforms a person into an ugly and slightly twisted version of themselves. The spells effects can be as subtle or as blatant as the caster desires. Examples of changes might be a combination of warts, patches of hair (appearing and missing), a cruel twist in the nose, a slight hump, knobbly knees and emaciated arms. The overall effect will reduce the victim’s presence (to -3) for the duration of the spell.
Helena of Merinita had often been tormented as a child because of her unusual looks, and decided to develop this spell to take revenge upon those who considered themselves beautiful.
(Base: 3, +1 Touch, +3 Moon)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Gift of Youthful Return

MuCo Level 15
R: Touch D: Moon T: Individual

Reduces the targets apparent age by half. No physical traits are changed. Spell does not work on children.
(Base: 3, +1 Touch, +3 Moon)

Contributer: Andrew Mitchell

A Giant Amongst Men

MuCo 15
R: Personal D: Diameter T: Individual

Not very different from "Preternatural Growth and Shrinking", this impressive spell lets a magus grow by up to +4 size, becoming a towering giant. Scores are modified accordingly, as are wound increments.
(Base 3, +1 Diameter, +3 for extra size)

Contributer: The Fixer

One of a Crowd

MuCo 15
R: Personal D: Diameter T: Individual

Designed by Wirth near the end of his apprenticeship, this spell enabled him to reclaim the shapeshifting abilities that had been destroyed by the Opening of his arts. It works just as "Disguise of the new visage", but affects all the body instead, in the same fashion, even allowing sex changes.
(Base 3, +1 Diameter, +3 for extra size)
Contributer: The Fixer
Note: Sub Rosa 8 features almost the same breakdown for an item by Belin of Mercere, save that the 3 additionnal magnitudes are for "complexity", and that the tops that with 3 others in order to change her belongings.

Steady as a Rock

MuCo(Te) Level 20
R: Personal D: Concentration T: Individual

The caster becomes sturdy like a rock and gains +6 to soak but at a cost of -3 to defense. This spell is easy to maintain and the caster gains a +6 bonus to its concentration checks. The caster must be standing on the ground to cast this spell.
(Base: 15, +1 Concentration)

Contributor: Andrew Mitchell
Notes: The penalty to defense balances with the bonus to soak and concentration leaving the spell at a base of 15

Arms of the Cat

MuCo(An) Level 20
R: Personal D: Diameter T: Part

Caster's arms turn into those of a large cat giving a +3 Attack bonus with unarmed Brawl. Caster can not hold items or use arms for spell casting during the duration.
(Base: 10, +1 Diameter, +1 Part)

Contributer: Andrew Mitchell

Shrink the World

MuCo(An) 20
R: Personal D: Diameter T: Individual of size +10 or less

You grow in size by +1. This affects Str+2, Qik-1, and ranges for wound penalties by +1 each. Unless you are wearing magical or particularly stretchy clothing, it will become tight and uncomfortable. If you cast the spell a second time in this condition, your clothes will rip and fall off. This spell was designed by Rhaine Chamelea of Merinita, who cast this spell on herself 11 times so she could strangle a sea monster with her bare hands.
(Base 3, +2 Sun, +3 to increase size of allowable targets)

Contributor: Max Leidner
Notes: I don't know if the base of 3 will allow growth beyond "your natural size + 1". If it doesn't, then the spell will have to be raised at least one magnitude, which will probably facilitate a cut in the size of allowable targets to compensate, making it much less impressiv

Ease the Passage of a Night’s Journey

MuCo 20 Faerie
R: Road D: Sun T: Group

A person blessed by this spell gains the eyes of a cat, and will be able to see in near darkness, so long as they keep to the path.
“Let not the night make you fearful, for you shall see all that awaits you upon the road.”
(Base: 2, +2 Road, +2 Sun, +2 Group)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Legs of the Hare

MuCo(An) Level 25
R: Personal D: Sun T: Part

Caster's legs turn into those of a large rabbit giving a +3 Defense bonus with Brawl while Dodging. Caster can not wear pants while spell is in affect and the Defense bonus does not apply if caster engages in melee.
(Base: 10, +2 Sun, +1 Part)

Contributer: Andrew Mitchell

On Darkened Wings

MuCo (req: An) 25
R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual

This spell creates on the magus back a set of dragon-like wings, which he can use to fly about as fast as he'd walk. It was created by the dark-brooded morgan of bjornaer as an easy way to fly. The fact that it scared the hell out of mundanes, making him appear as a winged demon, was an added bonus.
(Base 15, +2 Sun. I used the base 15 An guideline "Change an animal in a major unnatural way", applied to humans)

Contributer: The Fixer
Note: You may need to raise the base. I think that giving a horse wings would require base 25, according to 5th edition

Note by The Fixer: It should probably be base 20, target part, not unlike "Gift of the Minotaur" in Magi of Hermes

Polymorph the Belligerent Rabble

MuCo [An] 30
R: Touch, D: Diameter, T: Group
This spell changes the targets within the group into sheep for up to two minutes.
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +2 Group)
Contributor: Andrew Breese

Wings of the Falcon

MuCo [An] 30
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind
By donning a cloak of feathers, the target sprouts feathery wings from his back and can use them to fly like a bird. He can dispel the wings at will by removing the cloak, but doing so ends the spell.
(Base 20, +2 Sun, requisite free)
Contributor: Patrick Murphy, on behalf of Chris Blake
[Notes: At the storyguide’s discretion, this spell may require an Auram requisite.]

The Sagittarian Form

MuCo (req: An, Vi) 35
R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual

The caster transforms the lower part of their body into that of a horse, essentially becoming a Centaur. Suggested stats are included below:

Characteristics: Mental attributes are the same as the maga. Str +4, Sta +3, Dex -2, Qik +2 Size: +2
Personality: Jovial +2, Freedom-loving +3, Philosophical +1
Combat: (Kick) Init +4, Attack 0, Defence +4, Damage +5 - In addition the maga may employ normal weapons using her own skills.
Soak: +3
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1/-1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-7), -3 (8-14), -5 (16-21), Incapacitated (22-28)
Natural Abilities: Athletics 4 (long-distance running)
Natural Weapons: The weapon statistics for a centaur's kick are Init +2, Atk +2, Def +2, Dam +1.
(Base: 10, +2 Sun, +1 Part, +2 Requisites)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair
Notes: The Vim requisite has been added because a centaur is a mythological creature rather than a mundane one – also just to make it a bit more of a challenge to learn or cast. The personality traits are included in case the individual spends too much time in this form, or botches the spell;
Notes: I suggest to move the Target from Individual to Part because only the lower part of the caster is changed -Metodicus

Aegis of Perseus

MuCo[Te] 40
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
This spell protects its beneficiaries from petrification attacks, whether by spell or magical creature. Any recipient of the spell gains a +9 to rolls to resist being turned to stone, earth or metal, where applicable.
Invented by Baelthornon of Bonisagus before an expedition to the Greek islands. Despite the fanciful tales he had heard of monsters capable of turning men to stone, he encountered none.
(Base 25, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, requisite free)
Contributor: Patrick Murphy

Take on the Faerie Form

MuCo (Form) 40
R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual

The caster takes the form of a Faerie of the Form related to the spell. The form does not have any of the special abilities related to the form, other then size, and should be a form that is mostly human in appearance. The caster's size changes by up to two, so the caster may be the smallest giant or the largest gnome a Faerie has ever seen. The caster can communicate with Faerie of their same form and impersonate them with a Faerie roll or Guile check. While in the Faerie form the caster is affected as if they were an aspect of the Form which the Faerie is akin, e.g. if the caster takes the form of a Dryad, they are affected by Herbam spells. Some examples of possible Faeries: Elf(Au), Mermaid(Aq), Satyr (An), Nymph(Co), Dryad(He), Goblin(Ig), Gnome(Im), Dwarf(Te). This spell was created by a Merinita and is based in Faerie magic though it is not strictly a Faerie spell.
(Base: 20, +2 Sun, T: Individual, +1 Form, +1 Flexible size)

Contributor: Andrew Mitchell

Gaze of Medusa

MuCo (req: Te) 40
R: Eye D: Sun T: Individual

You turn someone into a stone statue. While under the influence of the spell, the target is effectively unconscious and is unaware of their surroundings.
The spell was invented by the Archmaga Aurora Borealis of House Jerbiton. She notes that it is an efficient way of disabling someone without actually doing them any permanent harm, though the spell is not really useable in combat due to the difficulty of establishing eye contact with an opponent.
(Base 25, +1 Eye, +2 Sun)

Contributer: Niall Christie

Bones of Jelly

MuCo 40
R: Voice D: Concentration T: Individual

The target’s body looses all rigid consistency, as if their bones and cartilage were made of noodles. Their body becomes utterly flaxen and pliable, and they flop down on the ground like a rag doll. They are reduced to wriggling around like a squid out of water, and lack the leverage to lift or move anything. This actually causes the target no harm or pain. They become more resilient to being crushed or smashed, but they are more susceptible to being severed. This spell was invented by Constantius of Jerbiton as a non-lethal way to coerce his opponents into submission.
(Base: 25, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration)

Contributor: Mark Faulkner

Form of the Shadowy Spectre

MuCo (Ig) 45
R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual

With this spell the caster seems to sink down into his own shadow which thickens and takes on a more defined form. While in shadow form the caster is immune to physical damage but takes damage from sunlight as if it were fire. Fire also does +5 damage to the caster in this form making it unwise to use at a Flambeau party. The nature of the shadowy form allows it to slip through narrow cracks such as door jams and through see through materials such as water and glass as if they weren’t there. The caster holds a piece of glass with him and symbolically breaks this to return to his human form.
(Base 30, +2 Sun, +1 complexity)

Contributer: Gribble_the_Munchkin

Gift of Herculean Vigor

MuCo50, (Req: Creo)
R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual

This increases and amplifies your physical power. For the duration of the spell, you have a +5 bonus to soak and a +1 bonus o all other Strength and Stamina related scores and totals (the actual Characteristics themselves are not increased). Use of this spell usually leaves the target feeling exhausted when it expires, requiring twice as much rest afterward and needing twice as much food for the day after that.
(Base: 5, +2 Sun, +1 eliminate sensitivity penalty, +2 enhanced effect, Creo requisite necessary for effect)

Contributor: Mark Faulkner
otes: I think there is an error in the final level of the spell -Metodicus

A Covenant of Ghosts

MuCo (req: Au) 70 Ritual
R: Sight D: Ring T: Boundary

The spell turns all the occupants of a covenant, village, or castle into immaterial “ghosts”. The target must be encircled with a special white powder, drawing a circle around it all.
While in this condition the targets need no nourishment, and do not need to eat or breath. They cannot touch any physical thing, nor create any sound, and are visible only as flimsy vapory figures. They still age as normal.
In the early days of the Order a covenant in the Rome tribunal attacked Verdi with this spell. The name of the covenant, and the incident, were stricken from the Order’s records.
(Base 30, +3 Sight, +2 Ring, +3 Structure)

Contributer: Yair

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