Intellego Imaginem

Eyes in the Back of the Head.

InIm 3
R:Personal, D: Ring, T: Individual
The caster can see out of another portion of their body instead of their eyes until they leave the ring that is designated during casting.
A similar spell with duration concentration can be used to peak around corners and the like while only exposing the tip of one’s talisman.
Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells. This spell moves a sense that the caster already possesses rather than creates a new magical sense. As such the vision target is not appropriate for it.

A Day Saved for the Future.

InIm 3
R:Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual
The caster’s memories during the duration of the spell are complete in every detail that the caster’s senses perceive even if the caster does not notice each detail (and they almost certainly won’t). Memories created by this spell will fade at a normal rate. Use of this spell with a Creo Mentem spell similar to “By His Works” or “The good Witness” (both from HoH True lineages p. 73) will allow the caster to make further observations regarding what he experienced during the duration of “A Day Saved for the Future” as if the caster were back in the time and place where the memories were created.
Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Rocket from the Sockets.

InIm 3
R:Voice, D: Momentary, T: Individual
The caster takes a single look from a point at a distance.
Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells. This spell moves a sense that the caster already possesses rather than creates a new magical sense. As such the vision target is not appropriate for it.

Traveler's Awareness

InIm 4 Faerie
R Road, D Diameter, T individual
The caster can see as if they were standing at any point along the selected road. By succesivley moving his or her point of view to the furthest loation on the road that he or she can presently see, a caster can scan a road for many miles in a matter of seconds. The caster can not choose to view from a location on a road that he has not seen (either by passing by the spot or use of this or a similar spell).
(Base 1 ,+ 2 range, +1 duration)
Contributer: Tyrrell
Notes: This spell moves a sense that the caster already possesses rather than creates a new magical sense. As such the vision target is not appropriate for it.

Awaken the Painted Image

InIm(Mu) 5
R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual
A painting become animate and tells a short story to those present. One can see and hear the picture as the artist felt it and expressed it. A master painter's work can tell an in-depth story but a child's scribble may just express a single word. The spell does not look back in time but rather it keenly interprets the painted image.
(B: 2, R: Touch +1, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual +0, +1 Muto)
Contributor: Andrew Mitchell

Attentive Perception

InIm 10
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Group
he targets of this spell are completely aware of every species that their senses perceive throughout the duration of the spell. this gives the target a bonus of +3 bonus to all rolls to perceive phenomena and a -3 penalty to all rolls involving concentration. While the targets of this spell become aware of all that their senses perceive their minds are not naturally able to hold all of this information.
This spell was developed by Occulus of Gurnicus who cast it upon his grogs to allow him (when coupled with creo mentem spells to restore memories and intellego mentem spells to read the memories of others) to perform detailed investigations on locations that his grogs had visited without entering the areas himself.
(base 1 +1 touch, +2 sun, +2 group)
Contributer: Tyrrell
Notes: From the message board level 10-15 spells project

Find the Wayward Son

InIm 10 Faerie
R: Touch, D: Concentraion, T: Bloodline
You can see the target's son, and his immediate surroundings. [You can actually see all his progeny, and may shift between them by concentrating.] This may not actually suffice to find him, but probably will provide relevant clues. Despite the spell's name, the caster can detect any single progeny of the touched subject (son or otherwise). No arcane connection is needed to perceive the target (the spell uses the filial link instead).
(Base 1, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +3 Bloodline)
Contributer: Yair

The Overheard Conversation

InIm 15
R: Sight, D: Concentraion, T: Group
By use of this spell, the caster may listen into a conversation of a group of people from any point within sight range, so long as the caster concentrates.
Gratia of Jerbiton developed this spell so that she could effectively listen into to private conversations at the local court.
(Base: 1, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Group +2)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Opening the Mind of the Tome

InIm 20
R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Group
Perfectly creates a memory of the contents of one book within the mind of the caster. The memory remains perfect for the duration of the spell and then fades normally.
This spell was invented by Acquisitus of House Bonisagus, who successfully used this spell to acquire a great many of the tomes in the library of Durenmar.
(Base 1,+1 Touch, +3 Moon, +2 Group)
Contributer: Ed Campbell.
Notes: It is probable that this spell is too weak to succesfully fool Durenmar. For a discussion of this spell, see this thread.

Silent Witness of the Statue

InIm 20
R: Arcane Connection, D: Concentration, T: Room
This spell allows you to see a statue, and the surrounding room, for which you possess an arcane connection. If the statue is outside, the caster can see the area of a small market square or courtyard.
Terrene used this spell to watch the courtyard entrance of a house that belonged to a merchant her covenant suspected of having dealings with diabolists. She was able to watch from a safe distance away, and inform her sodales when suspicious characters were seen arriving at the house.
(B: 1, R: Arcane +4, D: Concentration +1, T: Room +2)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair
Notes: See the InTe version for comparison, and think of Eye of the Sage (InCo) too.

Janus Gate

InIm(Vi) 20
R: Arcane Connection, D: Sun, T: Individual
Caster gets a mental image of anyone who passes through the doorway which caster touches. The caster must touch the door's opening for one diameter and while the spell is in affect the caster and the doorway are an Arcane Connection to each other.
(B: 1, R: Arcane +4, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, +1 Vim)
Contributor: Andrew Mitchell
Notes: This introduces a somewhat questionable mechanic to hold an Arcane Connection to a place by touching it for a diameter and adding a Vim requisite.

Eyes of the Owl

InIm 25
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Vision
This spell allows you to see in total darkness as if it were normal daylight. It doesn’t matter if it is dim, pitch black, or even magical darkness. The spell does not illuminate the area, nor does the level of illumination matter at all. The spell detects the visual species without the need of the medium of light. Other obfuscations, such as fog, can still inhibit vision.
(B:3 :, R: Personal, D: Sun +2, T: Vision +4)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner

Faerie Intuition of the Path

InIm 25 Faerie
R: Road, D: Diameter, T: Vision
Whilst the Maga concentrates she can see and hear anything upon the road she stands upon.
“I sensed your step, stranger. By what venture have you sought me out?”
By use of this spell, Valonia is able to enact many other enchantments.
(B: 2, R: Road +2, D: Diameter +1, T: Vision +4)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair
Notes: This is just one interpretation of the rules. I figured that to be able to scan the road, which is quite a powerful ability, the spell should be reasonably medium level; but obviously I wanted to avoid the 'Boundary' target as I didn't think that this ability merited a ritual. This is a compromise really. The vision target lifts the level of the spell so that it is not a powerful affect at trivial level, and justifies the ability to scan a road without resorting to ritual 'overkill'. I can imagine all sorts of lower level versions of this spell though, perhaps allowing a person to see part of a road, or simply the nearest person or group along it, etc.

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