Intellego Corpus

Perceived flaws of mortal flesh.

InCo Gen

R: Touch/Arcane Conn, D: Inst, T: Individual
Upon touching the target of this spell, the caster is given a complete mental image of any sickness or injoury in the targets body. Hereby his effective medicine score is doubled up to a maximum of the magnitude of this spell.

This spell (simple as it is) represents the pinnacle of a lifetime of study by Apuleius of Bonisagus who had sworn that he would overcome the limitation of hermetic magic not being able to effectively heal wounds without the use of VIS.
After concluding at a young age that neither Creo,Muto or Rego would ever be efficient (they will not produce permanent results) he put all of his attention on Perdo for decades. In the end he found that permanence was not the problem, but apart from an amputation spell he didn't accomplish much.
Only after turning to 10 years of study with the best mundane doctors of his time (in the Levant) he realized that the key to healing was in the diagnostic phase.
He spend his last years as a hemit/healer near the frontline of the Reconquista, where a level 60 version of his spell helped a great number of soldiers on both sides….

Contributor: Lars.
[Notes: It could be argued that this spell should simply be lvl20 (sense all useful information about a body - arm4), but we have found that this design works much better.]

Eye of the Blind Sage

InCo(Im) 10
R: Touch D: Concentration T: Individual

Allows you to see a person you touch and what is within one pace of them. The image is clear enough to allow reading.
(Base: 4, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair
Notes: Following the Eye of the Sage structure. Prying eyes (InIm ArM5 core spell) is only InIm 5, and gives more utility by far.

Dead Man's Eyes

InCo 15 (req: Imaginem)
R: Eye D: Momentary T: Individual

Folk tales say that the eyes of a dead person can store the image of whatever he saw at the moment of death. This spell allows the caster to look into the eyes of a corpse and view a glimpse of what the person saw in his last moment. This spell only works on corpses whose eyes are intact. Since it only draws out the image stored in the corpse's eyes, the spell should work regardless of whether the corpse has received Christian burial.
(Base 5, +1 Eye, +1 Requisite)

Contributer: Vesna Gronosky, transcribed by Andrew Gronosky

Intuition of the Stray Hair

InCo Level 15
R: Arcane Connection D: Momentary T: Individual

Gives a momentary impression of a person based on an arcane connection to them. For instance, you would gain a mental image of a person from a hair found on a pillow.
Vexed by suspicions of infidelity by his wife, the blacksmith approached Alydd of Ex-Miscellanea and begged for his assistance. Alydd inspected the marital bed after the blacksmith had been away during the day and discovered a hair upon the pillow, from which he was able to identify the culprit. However, his hopes of cultivating an ally of the blacksmith were dashed when in a jealous rage the blacksmith was killed in a fight with the adulterer.
(Base: 3, +4 Arcane)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair


InCo Level 20
R: Personal D: Sun T: Hearing

Caster knows the relative location of everyone within earshot with whom he has an Arcane Connection. Some grogs get into trouble; its best to know where they are.
(Base: 3, +2 Sun, +3 Hearing)

Contributer: Andrew Mitchell

Music for the Sneaking Assassin

InCo Level 25
R: Personal D: Sun T: Hearing

Caster gains an additional magical sense for living humans, and is able to hear their presence when they are close by through musical notes and chords. Targets appear to speak and sing to the caster, with their style and manner reflecting the casters sigil.
(Base: 4, +2 Sun, +3 Hearing)

Contributer: IronboundTome

Beat of Many Hearts

InCo 30
R: Personal D: Sun T: Hearing

This spell lets you hear the sound of true heartbeats; you are constantly aware of the location of every person within 50 paces (but not distracted by this knowledge). Every person's heartbeat is uniquely identifiable and distinctive with this spell, except for identical twin. Having heard a person's heartbeat with this spell once, you can recognize them by heartbeat at any future time, even if their physical heart is beating differently for some reason.
(Base 5, +2 Sun, +3 Hearing)

Contributer: Bard.
Notes: From Bard's Folio of 1144

Sense of all Ills

InCo (req: Me) 30
R: Touch D: Concentration T: Individual

By placing her hands upon the injured, the Maga can sense any physical or mental malaise which afflicts the target.
Canneta claimed that this spell allowed her to sense whether the person was influenced by psychomachia – however, subsequent investigation by members of House Bonisagus suggests that these claims were false, or perhaps involved non-Hermetic religious ritual as well as purely Hermetic magic. In addition to revealing any physical illness, wound or poison affecting the body, it also gives an insight into negative emotional states suffered by a person, perhaps revealing overly strong emotions of greed, anger, etc. Perhaps, it is theorised, these may provide clues as to the presence of psychomachia – but Hermetic Law does not consider the results of this spell as evidence of such.
(Base: 10, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +1 Requisite, +1 complexity)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Awareness of Mortal Foes

R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual

This spell keeps you completely aware of the place and position of everyone in your immediate vicinity. In a tactical situation, this will give you a +3 advantage to both Attack and Defense. This does not negate the disadvantage of fighting blind or against an invisible opponent, but the bonus provided may help offset the disadvantage. However, even then, you cannot normally be surprised or ambushed while this spell is in effect. A variant version, Amplified Martial Consciousness is three magnitudes higher, but it has the Duration of Moon, is effective against enemies of any sort (all Forms are Casting Requisites), and it allows you to automatically dodge any ranged attacks if you are free to move.
(Base:5, +2 Sun, +2 multiple opponents, +2 complexity)

Contributor: Mark Faulkner

The Attentive Parens.

InCo 35 Faerie Ritual
R: Touch D: Until T: Individual

The caster will be aware of the target’s physical condition until target takes the hermetic oath after passing their gauntlet.
(Base 10 ,+1 Touch, +4 Until)

Contributer: Tyrrell

Calling the Council of the Ancestors

InCo (req: Cr, Me) 45 Ritual
R: Touch D: Moon T: Boundary

This spell calls back from the dead the spirits of all your ancestors whose graves are within a cemetery (or catacombs) you are in. Spirits of those who have given a Christian burial, or have departed to Final Twilight, cannot be summoned.
The spirits gather around you, and you can present them with the reason of the summons. They are generally sympathetic and supportive to their descendants, and will offer help as best they can.
Once awoken, the spirits will remain awake for a moon. You can return to the graveyard to converse with them at any time.
The spirits can talk to you and to any other person, and appear as ghosts (each with a Magic Might of 5 to 45). The spirits are immaterial, and their existence is limited to the graveyard’s boundary. Their supernatural powers, if any, are determined by the storyguide.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +3 Moon, +4 Boundary)

Contributer: Yair

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