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Cursed Revelation of Failure & Chamber of Peace (Muto Mentem)

I think the Mentem guidelines in ArM5 are confusing and the various techniques can easily be conflated, but shouldn't these be Creo Mentem (Base 4: Put an emotion into another's mind) rather than Muto? They both seem to create a new, specific emotion in the mind of the target. As I say, I think this is the fault of the guidelines more than anything, and is perhaps part of a much broader discussion of the guidelines in general than about these particular spells.

A Mother's Respite

You're using Rego Auram to stop sound, arguing that it is a quality of air. This is very modern thinking, and I really don't think this holds true. Note that, if this works in your saga, a Personal/Momentary range version of such a spell (lvl 04) would protect you from a lot of spells, and a touch/sun/group (lvl 15) would be great for your grogs.
For what it's worth, read also Arm5 p112: "targets under the influence of PeIm spells that stop sounds from reaching them can all be affected at the normal range". I see no reason for this to work differently in this regard.

The Message

I don't see why you need to use Intellego to target someone with a Rego spell ;-)
However, to target someone with such precision, it seems to me that you'd need either Voice range or, at least, a finesse spell (vilano style)

Inviting the Elder to Dinner

Sorry if I'm going by this the wrong way, I'm new to this site and it makes me a bit confused. Anyway, the spell is currently listed as MuMe(req: Co) 40, but it involves giving the spirit of a (presumably awakened) tree a human body. I would call it MuVi(req: Co,He), if any of my players wanted to invent it, but I could be off. Vim, since it's a magical spirit, Muto, since we want to change it, Corporem, since we want it to have a human body and Herbam since it belongs to a tree. I thought about MuHe(Co), but that would turn the tree human, and not its spirit.
-/ This spell is more tricky then it seems. The description tells us that the spell would give a spirit, a human body. But MuMe(Co) and the guideline used (from MuCo, Level 25) suggest the spell transform the spirit into a body. That's something different, and I would be embarrassed to think of the consequences of casting such a spell into a tree spirit.
If you want to stay with the spell's description, CrCo that give any spirit a body would be okay by me. Maybe a Rego requisite, to move the spirit into the body. Base level 5 to create a "corpse" (IMO, same level as for body), tch, sun, requisite Rego to transport the spirit into the body, total level = 25. See my "Second chance" new spell, in CrCo.
There is another simplier solution: it would be to transform the tree's "body" into a human body = MuHe(Co), along the guideline already used. Using Vim could be thinkable if the target has a Magic might (Transform the body of a magical creature into a human body = MuVi(Co). In that last case, I would argue against adding Herbam as a supplemental requisite). /-Iudicium

Spell Discussions

Re: /Subtle Stench of the Deathly Draught/, shouldn't this be InAq 15? Where are the other 10 spell levels coming from?
(Yair added) You are quite right. I'll change the spell's level.

Spell List Discussions

Tyrrell's big list of level 3 spells

Level three is a spell level that any magus can cast. It is a level that is practical to get with non-fatiguing spontaneous spells. It is a level that characters can spont when they use no voice and subtle gestures, or when they are fast casting.

I chose to create spells that are directly derived from the published guidelines so the derived spells would not be controversial. I did not include wards because a level three rego (x) ward vs. creatures of (x) is somewhat useless and not particularly creative.

I have in some situations interpreted the guidelines broadly, perhaps more broadly than would be appropriate for a formulaic spell (see bits of beasts that betray for an example). But these are not going to be formulaic spells. It is a simple matter to limit a specific spontaneous casting to the situation at hand.

The Stone Palanquin
ReTe 15
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
Enchants a stone, large enough to bear the caster, to carry him along at his mental direction. The stone moves with a speed, direction, and height above the ground that he decides (maximum speed as of a galloping horse, maximum height of 10 paces above the ground). The stone can only maneuver across terrain that can support it, and so cannot cross water or crevasses without sinking unless they are no more than 10 paces deep. If the caster directs the stone to maneuver rapidly, he may be forced to make a Dexterity + Agility roll or fall from the stone.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +0 Ind, +1 for enhanced effect)
Contributer: Hargifex
(Ethara): +1 magnitude for Stone is required

This spell needs further clarification: What if I fly on my slab and fly out from a cliff 100 paces high ? Will I fall down 90 paces on my slab and this spell will automatically start up again and I take 90 paces of falling damage, do I mysteriously float down saftly these 90 paces or do the spell turn itself off?.
** This spells need a +1 Magnitude in order to affect stone
Dex+Agility, what does that mean?**

Meta/Site Discussions

How about adding pages for enchanted items?

Hi, this is a very useful wiki for ArM5 players. I thought it would be nicer if pages for enchanted items exist.

(Mark F added) I would gladly contribute to this added page for enchanted items :)

(Yair added) Feel free to either add invested powers rather than spells (I think we have a few), or create a new page for enchanted items and them there. Atlas' letters to us indicate they approve such (original) content. In fact, I've added one: see Enchantments.

How about writting the guidelines as found in the book? I like to cruise around and look at the spell on the wiki, but I dont always have my book with me, and it would be nice to look up the guidelines. (-Tarko)

(Yair added): This is NOT allowed. You may not post Atlas' text. You may post any guidelines you make up on your own (e.g. "I judge healing only the nails to be base level 4…").

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