Creo Vim

Oblivious Magus Slap.

CrVi 3
R: Personal, D: Concentration T: Individual
The caster momentarily taints him or her self with magic. This allows their physical body to be resisted by the parma of other magi. The spell can be used to allow magi to punch one another with all of their might and not risk hurting one another (providing that the spell does not penetrate).
Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Subtle Curse of Magic’s Warping

CrVi 10
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual
This spell creates a silent burst of magic which give the target 1 warping point.
Eusebius of Tremere was as devious as he could be vengeful. After being slighted by a noble he made a point of humbly kneeling and kissing his signet ring each time they met. The noble, of course, was delighted by this display of humility by a wizard, but over the long years began to change …
(Base: 5, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Individual)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Glyph of Arcane Connection

CrVi 15
R: Personal, D: Glyph, T: Individual
You draw or inscribe a glyph upon the target, and thereafter a weak Arcane Connection exists between you and it. The connection lasts until the glyph is erased or marred in any way, and though it is very weak (no effect upon Penetration), it is continually perpetuated and easy to detect (as if it were Fixed). If eroded a single step (as per Perdo Vim Guidelines), it is obliterated completely.
The Duration of Glyph was developed by Cornelius of Bonisagus in his failed search to discover Hermetic Rune Magic. This was a Minor Breakthrough he made before abandoning the greater project, and has been catalogued at Durenmar. Once in a while a researcher may come across a Glyph spell, add a trick or two to his repertoire, and send a creation of his own back to the Great Library. Use of this Duration has yet to spread far beyond a few members of House Bonisagus.
(B: 4, R: Touch +1, D: Glyph +2, T: Individual)
Contributor: Mark Faulkner

The Mark

CrVi 15
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual
You inscribe your Mark upon the target by permanently warping it with magic. The Mark is invisible but is easily detect by Intellego Vim magic, as easy as raw Vim, and is used to lay claim to places, objects, and people. It is most often found on Sanctum doors, Talismans, and apprentices. This spell inflicts one warping point.
(B: 5, R: Touch +1, D: Momentary, T: Individual, +1 elaborate design)
Contributor: Andrew Mitchell
Notes: Not sure what warping would do to objects. I'd say a Mark can be totally removed with a Perdo Vim spell of double the level of the Mark or overwritten with a higher level Mark, e.g. a L20 Mark which inflicts two warping points will overwrite a L15 Mark.

Touch of Twilight

CrVi 15
R: Touch, D: Momentary T: Individual
The target of this spell instantly receives two warping points and, if a magus, must resist going into twilight.
This spell was created by Dugray of Flambeau before he took part in a wizard's march against an ancient magus who had been renounced. Dugray did not believe that he had a reasonable chance to vanquish his foe if he did not have the element of surprise working for him so he thought the limitation of the spell to range touch was reasonable sacrifice to allow him greater penetration.
(base 10, +1 touch)
Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From This is a pretty boring spell but I think that this spell and ones like it must exist as the easiest way to deal with ancient magi of fantastic power, (and of course for those ancient magi to learn and practice enough to acquire spell mastery with a specialization in defense making such spells much less effective). From the message board level 10-15 spells project

Empty Shell of Precious Vis

CrVi 30
R: Touch, D: Moon, T: Individual
This enchantment creates a shell of false determination which fools Intellego spells up to level 7 (e.g. Scales of Magical Weight and Sense the Nature of Vis). Anyone investigating the item with magic will reveal that it apparently contains up to a rook of vis (of any form the caster desires).
Discordia of Tytalus developed this spell out of a sheer sense of mischief rather than any desire to defraud members of House Verditius. This did not stop her being blacklisted by the whole House when discovery of this fraud came to light – nor her Tribunal fining her over a queen for having the audacity to try this sort of cruel trick upon her sodales.
(B: 10, R: Touch +1, D: Moon +3, T: Individual)
Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair
Notes: I've rounded down the 7.5 effect.

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