Creo Auram

Enough Air for Revenge.

CrAu Level 3
R: Touch D: Diameter T: Individual

This spell creates a fresh breeze that blows upon the the caster
Many magi have found this spell to be of use when they have been attacked by some magic that surrounds them but does not penetrate their parma, such as a spell that changes all of the air in a room to poison or a spell that dumps a great deal of rock upon the magus.

Contributor: Tyrrell.
Notes: From Tyrrell’s big list of level three spells

Flare bit

CrAu(Ig) 10
R: Voice D: Momentary T: Individual

Fills an area with puffs of thick, black smoke, which appear with a loud report and a flash of light, sufficient enough to be distracting (and requiring the appropriate concentration roll). It blocks vision for a moment, making activities requiring such difficult at best. The smoke starts forming around the center of the area, working it's way to the edges
(Base 3, +2 voice, +1 ignem requisite)

Contributer: Kryslin.
Notes: From the message board level 10-15 spells project

Spark the Cloud

CrAu level 10
R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual

The cloud the caster is touching calls forth lightning.
+30 damage, those standing near need a stress roll 6+ to remain standing. Must be touching or have a Vim spell conduit to a cloud.
(base: 5, + 1 touch)

Call the Fire of Erasmus

CrAu Level 15
R: Sight D: Concentration T: Individual

A bright blue-white fire fills the sky and appears to burn the tops of any tall structure in the area. The light affects of the spell are dramatic but do not harm anything in the area. Sailors will recognize this affect as Saint Elmo's Fire which normally only occurs at sea. This spell can be cast on land as well as at sea.
(Base: 2, +3 Sight, +1 Concentration, +1 slightly unatural)

Contributor: Andrew Mitchell

Morning Fog at Midday

CrAu 15
R: Touch D: Diameter T: Individual

A thick fog forms around the magus and extends outwards for several hundred paces. The fog dissipates at its natural rate and may be too thin to restrict sight within a minute on the periphery of the spells effect, although near the center of the effect the fog will last the entire duration unless conditions are exceptionally dry and/or windy.
(Base 2,+1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +2 Size, +1 unnatural: can be cast indoors)

Contributer: Tyrrell.
Notes: From the message board level 10-15 spells project

Silent Stench of the Watering Eyes

CrAu Level 15
R: Sight D: Concentration T: Individual

Emanating from any point that the magus can see, a foul, eye-watering stench is created. Whilst the caster concentrates the evil smell will waft and spread out from that point like a natural gas.
Echfryd of Ex-Miscellanea liked to use this smell to embarrass people who had slighted him. He would wait for his quarry to be with a group of people (e.g. having a meal in a tavern) then create a foul smell emanating from just behind them. The victim’s denials simply added to the vexation of his companions.
(Base: 3, +3 Sight, +1 Concentration)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Breath of the Impenetrable Fog

CrAu 15
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual

By this spell, the Maga is able to create a thick, impenetrable fog that extends for about a mile in every direction. Visibility within this severe fog can be restricted to only a few paces. Strong winds can cause the fog to move (as a mass) and at the end of the spell the fog dissipates naturally.
Aware that some of the nobles had taken an interest in her, Carissa became aware that she was being followed (she presumed in an attempt to trace her covenant). She waited until she had ridden up into the hills, before using this spell to hide her from her pursuers. She recommends using the spell ‘True Sight of the Air’ in conjunction with this spell.
(Base: 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Size)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair

Anger of Zeus

R: Voice D: Momentary T: Individual

This spell creates a devastating thunderclap in the designated location. Anyone at the exact point of the shockwave will suffer +10 damage, -2 per pace of distance. In addition, they must make a Stamina Stress roll of 9+ or be deafened, adding +2 to their roll for every pace of distance. Hearing returns in a few minutes, and since the damage is caused by concussive force, there are a number of ways to protect against it and absorb the impact. It requires a Targeting roll to place the center of the thunderclap exactly, but it is easy to simply catch someone simply somewhere in the width of the area of effect.
(Base:3, +2 Voice, +4 Unnatural)

Contributor: Mark Faulkner

Call down the Storm’s Hammer

CrAu 25
R: Sight D: Momentary T: Individual

Cast during a storm, this spell conjures a lightning bolt which will strike any object or individual within sight range. The bolt will cause +30 damage and those near the target of the spell must make Size stress rolls of 6+ or get knocked off their feet.
Phillida of Tytalus, renown for her subtlety as well as her prowess with Auram, developed this spell to be almost entirely natural in appearance. It can only be cast during a lightning storm, and is only slightly unnatural in that it will strike something other than the tallest object and can only strike once at the same spot. She remarks that it is a particularly useful spell for administering ‘divine’ justice against individuals who might have ‘angered god’.
(Base: 5, +3 Sight, +1 slightly unnatural)

Contributer: Badger101, transcribed by Yair
Notes: I’ve considered a lightning bolt as an entity with +30 damage, but some storyguides might want to moderate the damage for a spell of this level.

I don't think the extra magnitude for "slightly unnatural" is warranted as lightning strikes people all the time. Casting multiple times shouldn't factor into it either. If cast 5 times in a row, each subsequent casting doesn't know about the last one to be "unnatural". A spell that caused multiple lighting strikes on the same target may need it.

The Tempest and the Treasure

CrAu(Re) 40
R: Sight D: Sun T: Individual

A whirlwind of air is violently forced underwater to form an air-pocket large enough to hold a ship. The surface takes the form of a whirlpool.
(Base: 5, +3 Sight, +2 Sun, +2 very unnatural)

Contributor: Andrew Mitchell

The Curse of Zeus

CrAu 95 Ritual
R: Arcane Connection D: Year T: Boundary

This terrible spell curses a place, to which you must have an arcane connection. The area can be city, valley, or so on (up to 8100 paces in diameter). As long as the spell is not broken, the area is constantly under a thunderstorm, and is barraged with lightning bolts. Anyone and anything in it suffers +30 lightning damage each round. Most anything will be turned to cinders in short time.
(Base 5, +4 Arcane Connection, +4 Year, +4 Boundary, +4 Size,+2 unnatural)

Contributer: Yair.

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