Adding New Content

This site exists as a fan site for Ars Magica, with permission from its publishing company, Atlas Games. This permission extends to fan-created materials only, do not abuse this site to infringe on Atlas' copyrights. You may rely on Atlas' publications and refer to them, but do not quote or paraphrase them. For example, you can say "this spell can only be cast by a Mutantes (see Houses of Hermes: True Lineages)", but do not explain what a Mutantes is.

We accept any original contributions, such as spells, virtues, flaws, adventures, anything you would want to contribute.

Please post only your creations. Do not post spells you copy from other places, minor variants of Ars Magica Fifth Edition spells (such as changing the spell's parameters), or conversions of spells from other sources (Ars Magica Fourth Edition, the Hermes Portal fanzine, or so on). Do not post things you don't have the right to post (such as Atlas Games text).

How To Add A Spell

To post a spell, simply press the "Edit" button on the bottom of the appropriate Technique-Form combination page, and edit it. No registration is required, but please leave a comment saying you the contributor is.

That's it! It's that simple.

Retain one blank line between spell entries, and maintain the spell list's order: by spell level, and within the same spell level by alphabetical order. Please do not quote existing guidelines: state only the level of an existing guideline. Only post a new, original, guideline.

The Spell Template

Please follow the template below when posting your spells, it helps make everything be formatted right. Just copy the template's text and paste it into the desired page, then edit to replace the information with your own. All text inside square brackets [like this] is optional, and you should delete the brackets and possibly change it as needed.

++ The Spell Title.
TeFo [req: Te,Fo listed in alphabetical order] Level [Faerie] [Ritual]
//[Uses Some Book Title]//
**R**: Range, **D**: Duration, **T**: Target
The spell description goes here. We recommend you write in the first tense ("You unleash a wave of hellish fire upon your enemies...").
If the description includes details on its invention or history, put them at the end of the description, as a separate paragraph.
//(Base [guideline estimated as (for a new, unofficial, guideline)] # [,+# range, +# duration, +# target,+# size, +# other])//
{{Contributor: name.}}
[{{Notes: notes.}}]

Found a Mistake?

If you see any problem with any spell, post about it in the Discussions page, or leave a note at the spell's description.


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