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This site contains more than 470 fan-created spells for the Ars Magica Fifth Edition game. Feel free to browse the spells through the menu on the right, or add your own!
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The magic system of Ars Magica is widely considered the best magic system in any roleplaying game. It is extremely flexible, allowing to put into game mechanics nearly any effect in a clear and robust manner. The limit is only the player's imagination.
This is where this wiki comes in - as a place to show off the imagination of Ars Magica fans. Along the way we hope to collect great and refreshing ideas, compile a comprehensive repository of spells and lab texts, and build a good place to discuss and settle issues with problematic spells.

Please browse the site, and edit it to add you wisdom. Only through your contributions can this wiki grow larger and better.

''Let us work together as one and grow hale and strong.''
-Bonisagus, the Hermetic Oath

More Than Just Spells!

In addition to holding hundreds of spells, this wiki also contains other fan-created entries such as indexes, virtues, and so on. We offer…

Feel free to contribute any original content - in these or other categories. We have a page with instructions on Adding New Content, and another page for Discussion of entries.

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